Wine Events

We have more than 20 years experience hosting informal, tutored and fun wine tastings in the UK and overseas. Below are a selection of our forthcoming events and two standard formats, but we are very happy to tailor make each event to suit our individual customers’ requirements.

Why Not Organise Your Own Event?


Call My Bluff Wine Quiz

This is a hugely entertaining way to taste wine blind in a fun and informative manner. Ideally the group is split into teams of 4-6 and they are presented with 2 completely different possibilities of what each wine is.

For example, wine 1 might be a St Emilion Grand Cru costing £75 per bottle. One of us will present the wine explaining why it clearly is a Grand Cru St Emilion. The next wine expert will present it as a Shiraz from Australia trying to convince as many people as possible.


The Ultimate Wine Challenge

This is a tried and tested formula that again works best in small teams. The wine expert explains the principles behind wine tasting. Then the challenge begins! Each team has a multiple choice sheet and they must work out/guess the answers to questions such as, ‘what country’, ‘what grape variety’ and so.

At this point the wine expert will help those that need help and hinder those that are doing too well! There is an educational element to the challenge but first and foremost it is always fun and a level playing field for all.